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Analysis of cutting temperature on the effect of cutting

Time:2012.05.23 News sources:Yangzhong Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. Browse the number:

In our daily cut the workpiece for processing a large number of cutting heat will soften the surface of the workpiece, so that the plastic increase is conducive to the formation of cutting. However, two aspects of the workpiece will be one of the performance of the quality of the workpiece surface, and the second performance in the machining accuracy.
    Cutting high temperature so that the surface microstructure changes will result in cutting the burn. How to avoid burns and surface microstructure of the surface changes.

    Very important point is to choose the abrasive cutting temperature abrasive in the wheel repeatedly withstand the processing temperature of the grinding heat stress, have an adverse impact strength and wear resistance of the abrasive.

    We must first understand the relevant data of the workpiece material and hardness in the choice of abrasive: to use the loose tissue of the abrasive cutting hard workpieces, because of the high hardness of the material difficult to cut, abrasive easily blunt, in order to maintain the abrasive the self-sharpening chosen a soft abrasive. Cutting the poor thermal conductivity of the material (alloy steel, carbide, etc.) should choose a softer wheel, because of such high hardness, low thermal conductivity, the temperature of the cutting area is not easy to disperse, the workpiece is easy to burn, it should choose a softer wheel . Cutting non-ferrous metals because of its chemical activity, should be used in the chemical stability and good abrasive for cutting.

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