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Metallographic cutting common problem analysis:

Time:2012.05.23 News sources:Yangzhong Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. Browse the number:

Metallographic cutting metallographic sample is to use a truncated thin wheel or diamond saw blade after grinding and polishing the physics laboratory to view the microstructure of a program.
  The question now is how to prevent burns in the process of cutting, the cutting efficiency is low.

  The first is whether the selection of grinding wheel hardness is too high or too bottom, Should too high it will burn microstructure is not an accurate experiment out of the organizational structure of the material, there had been errors. Should the hardness is over the end there will be the end of the cutting efficiency, waste cutting films. How can the cutting process does not burn and sharp, on the hardness of the material for testing, and the correct use of coolant.

  Second is the choice of the cut piece of raw materials, cutting metal materials preferred alumina, silicon carbide material of choice of cutting non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. Reflect the chemical because the chemical composition of alumina is not with the metal cutting metal materials conducive to cutting. Of small chemical activities of non-metallic and non-ferrous metals, silicon carbide chemical activity than alumina, good cutting performance, burns, and wear a small.

  Once again, the particle size, the selection of moderate granularity cutting. Requirements should be sharp selection of coarse granularity. Cutting requirements of high precision, partial fine granularity of the abrasive should be selected.

  In short, in the metallographic cutting process to the hardness of the specimen material first identified in the selection of cutting disc. Targeted selection of cutting the film material. Metallographic cut with ordinary metal cutting, ordinary metal does not burn cut off more than can be just and durable.

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