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The implementation of brand strategy the construction of the country's abrasive abrasive national br

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First, the brand and its features
    Leading marketing scholars Philip - Kotler (PhilipKotler, and) the expression of the brand: "The brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or they use a combination of their purpose is to identify a particular seller or a group of sellers of products or services, make competitors' products and services to distinguish. "This is the complete expression of the brand definition. Sergio Zyman, former chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola Company, said, "brand is the only company's products and services to differentiate themselves from competitors flag, is to open up the market the most effective weapon, a good brand can make your product stand out", the brand is consumer consumption of the vane as the core of the brand has become an important mechanism of corporate restructuring and reallocation of resources.

    The brand is the target consumers and the public for a specific thing, psychological, physiological, positive feelings and evaluation of crystals. Brand marketing said, referring to the narrow commercial brand, that is a public figure for a particular business, including products, trademarks, entrepreneurs, corporate four types of commercial character, feelings and evaluation of crystals . In today's technology is highly developed, the rapid spread of information, products, technology and management know-how and so easy to be rivals to imitate, it is difficult to become a core expertise, and brand to establish, not only has value and inimitability, because the brand is a consumer cognitive, identity, is a psychological feeling is rooted in the heart of consumers, this consumer awareness, recognition and feeling can not be easily imitated, the brand has not mimic the characteristics.

    Second, the implementation of brand strategy, mill enterprises in China

    China in the planned economy period, due to the shortage of goods in short supply, enterprises or businesses mostly do not pay attention to their products, brand building work, the consumer is not very concerned about the brand. Very low in the early stages of China's reform and opening up, China's science and technology level of independent research and development, and more based on the market for technology to change the brand, resulting in a dependency and blind obedience to foreign technology and brand to form the "introduction - backward - and the introduction of - - lag further behind, "a passive state. Its product sales, profit margins are low, such as information technology products, profit does not exceed 5%, and if it is independently developed, with independent intellectual property brand, the profits can be increased to about 40%.

    With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, from the era of planned economy to market economy, China from December 11, 2001, officially became a WTO member, and integration into the international market, not only all kinds of commodities in China has greatly enriched, and foreign brands a large number of commodities and foreign enterprises to enter China, the market is also transferred from a seller to a buyer's market, so the choice of consumer goods expanded rapidly, more intense competition in the domestic market. In such a predicament, many companies in China are increasingly recognized, in the face of the challenges of economic globalization, the implementation of brand strategy will be the inevitable development of domestic enterprises, focus on brand building is the best strategy to deal with the challenges, excellent brand management will key to business success.

    After three decades of reform and opening up, China has become a world manufacturing power, China's GDP in 2010 surpassed Japan to become second only to the United States the world's second largest economy. Abrasives industry in China has entered the ranks of world powers. More than 200 million tons of annual production of corundum abrasives, silicon carbide with an annual output of more than 150 million tons of ordinary abrasives abrasive products with an annual output of more than 50 million tons, accounting for 60% of the world; about 2010 annual production of 9.2 billion carats of synthetic diamond, accounting for more than 80% of the total output of the world's industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN), an annual output of about 2.6 million carats, accounting for 60 percent of world production, superhard materials, products, nearly 50 million (including drill); coated abrasives 3.7 million square meters, accounting for 30% of the total world production, are the world superpower. Superhard materials in China has entered the ranks of world powers in the world has the right to speak, is to grow stronger abrasives, superhard materials products, coated abrasive the common aspiration of the industries and enterprises. China's "12th Five-Year Plan to adjust the industrial structure, change the mode of economic development, innovation and development. Focus on fostering and development of energy saving and environmental protection, a new generation of IT, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles, "the seven emerging strategic industries. In seven emerging strategic industries "high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles," and China's rapid development of re-manufacturing, are inextricably linked with the abrasives industry. International during the financial crisis, global economic recovery and development in China will abrasives, superhard materials and products, coated abrasives industry's rapid development, provides an important opportunity. Abrasives industry in China to adjust the industrial structure, innovation and development, the transformation of economic development mode from quantity to quality transformation favorable opportunity. More of abrasives create a national brand to the international market to create a huge space and a favorable social environment. The abrasives enterprises in China should seize the best time of the current industrial restructuring, to create our abrasives, superhard materials and products, coated abrasive products, national brands.

    Third, the brand building

    1, brand positioning

    The main content of the brand strategy, branding decisions, brand model selection, the definition of brand recognition, brand extension of the planning and brand management planning. Brand decisions to solve the problem of the brand attributes, the companies have chosen to brand building, or select the dealer brand, this is the problem to be solved before the creation of brand, brand management strategy; brand model of choice, it is an enterprise is to select the integrated of a single brand, or select multi-brand strategy.

    A single brand strategy, companies can concentrate on shaping a brand image, a successful brand comes with a number of products, so that each product are able to share the advantages of the brand, a single brand also has the advantage of low promotional costs. The so-called publicity costs, not only refers to the marketing, the cost of advertising costs, but also includes the cost of brand management, as well as the clarity of the consumer awareness. A single brand is more concentrated expression of the will of the enterprise, easy to form the core elements of market competition, to avoid consumer confusion in the understanding does not need coordination between the various brands.

    Of course, a single brand strategy, there are certain risks, it has the advantages of "a wing and common prosperity", and also a loss for both the risk of A brand name of a commodity, with other goods under the brand will inevitably be implicated, this whole product system may be faced with a major disaster.

    An enterprise engaged in two or more independent of each other no brand linked to the situation, that is, multi-brand strategy. As we all know, the role of the trademark is the same kind of goods or services to distinguish between different commodity producers or service providers. An enterprise using a variety of brands, of course, has the function not only to distinguish between other commodity producers, including a distinction between the different commodities. Multi-brand strategy for each brand to create a separate room to grow.

    Multi-brand strategy, based on features or price differences for products division, this is conducive to occupy more market share, in the face of increased demand for consumers; between seemingly competitive, but in fact very possible to grow the overall strength of competition, an increase of the overall share of the market.

    The disadvantage is the high cost of publicity, and enterprises to build the financial, human and other aspects with a well-known brand, if you want to successfully build multiple brands naturally have a high investment as the cost of self-competition; between multiple brands; brand management costs are too high, it tends to confusion in the consumers.

    Brand identity definition, establish the connotation of the brand, that is, companies want to consumer acceptance of brand image, which is the focus of brand strategy, from the concept of brand recognition, behavior recognition, symbol recognition standardized brand of thinking, behavior appearance both inside and outside of meaning, including core values, core identity and brand promise brand personality and other basic identification elements; brand extension plan is a clear definition of the brand's future development field. Clear brand is suitable for areas of industry development and extension. Extended in order to reduce risk, avoid brand dilution under the premise of seeking to maximize the brand value; brand management, planning, organization and management mechanism for brand building escort and for brand development in the planning, based on the establishment of vision and a clear brand development of goals and measurable indicators for each stage. Enterprises bigger and stronger by the strategy, without thought, he must have excellent "to solve the strategic issues is the basic condition for development of the brand.

    2, brand building

    The enterprises must produce to meet the market demand, with high technical content and good quality products. First of all from the market research to proceed under the premise-mode quasi-market demand, to establish product positioning, it is necessary in R & D, design, production, advertising, promotion and marketing services efforts. This is a brand well-known brand-building and nurturing the necessary.

    The quality of the brand life. Science and technology as the backing of "quality first, quality win" business philosophy, the fashion elements of the brand's outstanding personalized product quality is the cornerstone of brand-name creation. Competitiveness of their products for brand competition, brand competition by relying on the intrinsic quality of the product. A brand growth for the brand name to rely on the quality of a brand in the market, down brand, mostly because the quality is a problem.

    The challenges of a new round of technological revolution, should have the courage to create their own brand, and increase market competitiveness, we must work hard in the technological transformation. Personalized trends in the world changes, the value of the customer experience and differentiated value realization has directly determine the final sales of the product, personalized service is essential.

    Strengthen the marketing, brand awareness, by selecting the right marketing approach, you can effectively use the brand for the brand a household name, expand market share. Implementation of brand strategy is not an isolated, but closely linked with the enterprise's overall development strategy. A successful brand image is more than just the brand itself, the things related to the business management of all major strategic decisions, these major strategic decisions must be consciously and deliberately around the brand to expand.

    Focus on brand image, companies should pay attention to manipulate things exist in the heart of consumers tapped the potential desire to buy the minds of customers, to make it into consumer impulse. Enterprises should be based on the market as the guide, technology as a means to adapt to their requirements change, such as the establishment of an information feedback system, and continuously collect to understand the changes in consumer demand and preferences, as well as views on the brand, in order to guide the consumer, and constantly develop new products, to provide consumers with personalized service, and meet the consumers, so that in a good position in the competition.

    The 21st century the world has entered the international brand competition, the brand has become a new international language into millions of households. To establish the status of the products in the market, brand and corporate image, corporate effective means of market competition. The brand is the core content of the product, the brand effect than other marketing tools. Must be the enterprise management system, technical innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of products and services. The same time increase the strategic research and planning of the brand in international competition, from the company's organizational structure, management efficiency, marketing strategies, and raise the brand's international competitiveness. Chinese enterprises are mostly in the growth stage, weaker brands, which is an undoubted fact that, according to the industry, market and business resources, however, while avoiding disadvantages, choose the best brand strategy is a wise choice. Cooperation with overseas companies with famous brands such as the now more common production, backdoor listing; use linked to strategy, to redefine the brand image; form collaborative alliances with two or more brands to improve the social acceptance of their brand. Short to choose the right brand strategy, the emphasis on brand marketing, creativity and service, in order to achieve the brand of sensationalism and powerful impact, and to make the brand always maintain the vigor, and stand in the forest of the world brand.

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